Honda Channels The Dark Night and Akira for the New NM4 Vultus

Honda NM4 Vultus Motorcycle | Mungenast Motorsports

Honda released the NM4 Vultus last Friday at the Osaka Motorcycle Show, and there’s no denying its visual appeal. Stunning, bold, and angular, this bike demands attention. And attention it has received, as various enthusiasts took to the Twitter to compare the sharp, dark geometry of the bodywork to post-apocalyptic cinematic franchises such as Batman, Judge Dredd, or Akira.

The NM4 Vultus Mission

The fact that the bike is receiving attention on social media for its resemblance to popular cinema in many ways shows that the designers have achieved their two initial goals: (1) to appeal to the social media-engaged urban youth and (2) to make each ride a cinematic event.  In a press release, Large Project Leader for the NM4 Vultus, Keita Mikura, claims that this is not a touring bike; this is not a practical bike. This is bike is passionate, soulful, and dramatic. This bike is fun.

“Honda is a big company,” begins Mikura, “We make every kind of motorcycle. It’s great that sometimes we make a certain machine simply because we can and because we want to, not because we ‘should.’ The NM4 Vultus exists because of a passion from deep within our company. . . Our intention was to make something that makes every moment feel cinematic, and we want riding it to be an event – guaranteed – every single time.”

The NM4 Vultus Details and Features

Honda also wanted this bike to feel youthful, which might be why the design team consisted of 20- and 30-year old designers. The team borrowed heavily from manga and “Japanimation” to create the striking Front Massive Styling that gives the NM4 Vulvus its name: Vultus means “countenance” or “facial expression” in Latin. This type of design positions the rider towards the back of the bike, much like he or she would ride a scooter – a “scooter” with a 745cc parallel-twin-powered engine, that is. The NM4 Vultus’s Front Massive Styling allows the front of the bike to contain the engine, fuel, and storage space while the rider steers using pullback handlebars. With its low center of gravity, the bike can navigate with agility through urban environments while maintaining respectable power. The engine delivers 54 horsepower and 50 lb ft of torque for a smooth acceleration, and at 540 pounds, the Vultus delivers 225 horsepower per metric ton. Honda claims it can hit 80.2 mpg.

Want your motorcycle display to match your iPhone or other gadgets? Honda’s made this possible. Not only does the backlight dash automatically change between white, blue, pink, or red depending on the driving mode, but can be set to any of 25 colors for more customization. And speaking of gadets, the NM4 Vultus features an integrated 12-volt adaptor for charging the essential devices.

The NM4 Vultus Price and Production

Honda has not yet made any formal announcements about the production plans or the cost of the NM4 Vultus.

Are you one of those people who needs to see the numbers? Check out this article for complete specs for the NM4 Vultus.


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The Honda NC700X Arrives At Mungenast Motorsports

It’s official – the smart and innovative Honda NC700X is here in the United States for 2013.  It may not be the loudest or flashiest motorcycle on the road, but it’s among the most practical.  Combining the agility of a sport bike with storage capacity like a bagger, bikes like the NC700X are unusual, if not very hard to come by here in America, but this bike may change all that.

Power comes from a unique 670cc parallel-twin engine that shares its basic architecture with the Honda Fit’s power plant, providing excellent torque while returning a combined 64 MPG fuel consumption average.  That engine is in the normal place you’d expect it, but the NC700X features a storage compartment where you’d expect the fuel tank to reside.  The storage compartment is large enough for helmet storage, which many riders will find useful.

Two versions of the NC700X are available, a version with a six-speed manual or a brand new Dual Clutch Transmission-equipped version with ABS.

Source:  Honda Powersports USA


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Never Be Without The Power You Need To Succeed

Don’t get left in the dark, folks.  When there’s a power outage, nothing’s worse than being stuck at home with no lights, computer, or TV – or worse, worrying about all that the food you just stocked the fridge or freezer with – knowing that it will spoil unless the power comes back on.  While power outages are a fact of modern life, you don’t have to sit in the dark or worry about your food going bad.

With a Honda generator from Mungenast Motorsports, you can run essential equipment in your home, like a refrigerator, a couple lights, and a television, for as long as you need to.  Or on your next camping trip, make sure you pack a generator to power your camper if your campsite doesn’t have its own place to plug in.  They’re also great for the jobsite if you’re in construction or even mobile detailing.  Never be without the power you need to succeed.

At Mungenast Motorsports, we carry a wide variety of Honda generators – we’ve got Economy, Deluxe, Industrial, and Super Quiet generators – meaning we carry THE generator to suit your needs.  And for our Super Quiet generators, there are custom vinyl graphics available from Honda so that you can show your support for your favorite NASCAR driver – a great way to show team spirit on your next camper trip to the racetrack or tailgate party.

Come in today or visit our website to see the large inventory of Honda generators we carry.  For more information regarding the full line of Honda Power Equipment, check back to our blog and find us on Facebook.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Honda Newsroom

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Are YOU Ready For The Big One?

Winter in St. Louis can be rather unpredictable.  In no other city would you expect the fashion police to not harass point out someone wearing shorts with a parka (and a Cardinals cap, too).  Over the past week or so, we’ve been graced with relatively mild weather – but as a seasoned St. Louisan, you know this weather won’t last long, and it’s only a matter of time before you or someone you know will be faced with having to remove snow and ice from around your home or office.

Luckily, Mungenast Motorsports has your back.  We’re your local one-stop shop for ALL of your outdoor power equipment needs, and we’re proud to carry Honda single-stage snow blowers.  You’ll be impressed with how quickly and effortlessly you can clear heavy winter accumulation from your entire driveway and sidewalk in minutes, not hours.  Moreover, according to USA Today, you’ll be reducing your risk of a heart-attack related to shoveling snow, because you won’t have to shovel your driveway anymore.  But be forewarned – don’t be surprised if your neighbors will start to ask you for little favors now and then – especially once they see how effortlessly you can remove snow from around your home, and they’ll ask you to do it for them occasionally (but you know they just need to come down to our showroom and buy their own!).

Again – Don’t be fooled by this mild winter weather, folks!  Hurry into Mungenast Motorsports today to make a purchase you won’t regret this season – invest in a quality Honda snow blower!

SOURCE:              USA Today; Honda Power Equipment USA

IMAGE CREDIT:                 Honda Power Equipment USA

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Honda Completely Revamps CRF Line For 2012

There’s good news for motocross enthusiasts!

Honda’s line of CRF Motocross bikes are back and better than ever.

After being completely redesigned for 2012, the new line of CRF bikes are set to make their offroad debut within the next few weeks.

With three different models — the 450R, 250R and 150R — the Honda CRF line has everyone talking, including the pros on Honda Racing.

Over the last few years, the CRF has taken the lead in the four-stroke motocross revolution, and is expected to remain on top, especially with new features, such as refined suspension, better brakes and steering precision, that have been added to each model.  The CRF series has undergone a serious transformation, but the bike’s acceleration and handling were not compromised during the procsess, thanks to a new cylinder head, camshaft, and throttle body. And, while performance among the new line of CRFs has dramatically increased, comfort and traction has also been upgraded, as each model is now equipped with wider, longer footpegs and Dunlop MX51 tires to help give each bike more traction. Other additional features were made to the CRF engine, too.

To see Mungenast Motorsports’ inventory of Honda CRF Motocross bikes, click here.

You can learn more about the 2012 CRF450R, 250R or 150R by visiting

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Check Out Our Honda Fury Video Series on YouTube

Do you own a Honda Fury?  We’ve taken the time to show you some simple things that you can do on your own to keep your ride in good shape in-between regular maintenance visits.  We’re not here to replace the owner’s guide, but we know how much it helps to have something else to look at that illustrates some simple maintenance highlights.

Need parts?  No problem!  Just call us up at (314) 894-1330 and ask for our Parts Department.  

Below you’ll find the videos we have done thus far.  Check back for updates as we will add to what you see here very soon!  Enjoy!

Honda Fury Series Part 1 – Throttle Operation

Honda Fury Series Part 2 – Air Cleaner

Honda Fury Series Part 3 – Final Drive Oil

Honda Fury Series Part 4 – Front Brake Fluid

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